Alyeska is a port for some Royal Caribbean International cruisetours It is in the U.S. state of Alaska.

What to See/DoEdit

During this cruisetour, you can take a gondola ride up 2,300 feet to Mt. Alyeska for a great view of seven different area glaciers. You can also go to some of the small shops in the nearby town of Girdwood. Kayaking and hiking are perfect for this tour.[1]

Weather HereEdit

These are the year-round temperatures in this area.[2]


Average High


Average Low


January 29°/-1.67° 17°/-8.33°
February 31°/-0.56° 19°/-7.22°
March 36°/2.22° 22°/-5.56°
April 44°/6.67° 30°/-1.11°
May 53°/11.67° 38°/3.33°
June 60°/15.56° 44°/6.67°
July 63°/17.22° 44°/8.89°
August 61°.16.11° 46°/7.78°
September 54°/12.22° 40°/4.44°
October 42°/5.56° 31°/-0.56°
November 34°/1.11 23°/-5°
December 30°/-1.11° 19°/-7.22°

This is the average amount of precipitation in a year.[3]

Precipitation in 12 Months In Inches In Centimeters
Average Precipitation 10.55 in 26.79 cm

Ships doing this CruisetourEdit



External LinksEdit

Royal Caribbean Website[1]

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